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        Glow-in-the-dark paint

        This type of paint based on photoluminophores with sustained luminous efficacy went into manufacture only relatively recently,and gained popularity in the beginning of the new millennium. It is important to know that it has nothing to do with phosphorus and the phosphorous paints, popular in the 70s and 80s of the last century.

        Luxnox paints are harmless to human health and contain no radiation, even to acceptable levels. This was also confirmed by specialists from the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

        The paint’s natural glow in the dark is yellow-green or sky blue. This is exactly how our transparent varnishes glow in the dark – yellow-green or sky blue. The color range of the glow-in-the-dark paints includes: yellow, green, orange, red, pink, blue and white. These colors are visible on light and glow in the dark in the same colors. To respond more fully to the needs of our customers, we at Luxnox manufacture both water-based and conventional paints, which are more oriented towards the professionals.



                    UV visible fluorescent paints

        These paints are manufactured on the basis of fluorescent pigments. This is why the color range of the paints is limited to 7 colors – yellow, green, orange, red, pink, blue and white. They are sometimes called neon. This is true because their overall beauty is shown when illuminated by UV light. This is the reason they are extremely popular in interior design, the design of premises, scenery fabrication, videos, advertising and neon parties. They can be used outdoors, but first you must solve the problem with illumination.


        UV invisible fluorescent paints

        This type of paints is very interesting. You enter a room and you see white walls. You turn the UV light on and suddenly great paintings come to life on the walls. Or even during the day you decide to enter an ordinary restaurant or bar and in the evening, after they turn the UV light on, you suddenly get carried away into the atmosphere of a Caribbean bar or Irish pub. They are indispensable when you want something that cannot be seen to suddenly become visible; when you want some kind of metamorphosis, transfiguration to come to pass, and all of this in the blink of an eye, by simply pressing the light switch.

        In order to know what you want and how to achieve it, you must very well know the product, which you have the opportunity to achieve it with. And our product can be exactly that. But you can find out that only if you get to know it.  




        Luxnox Glow-in-the-Dark Paint Powder – something new, something different!


        Is there a paint that can be used on wood, on metal, on plastic, on concrete, on ….?

        The answer to this question is – YES. But there is one condition, this has to be the Luxnox Glow-in-the-Dark Paint Powder, and we’ll explain you how to use it. You have to buy transparent varnish for metal, concrete, glass or another type of transparent varnish depending on the surface you have decided to paint and to make glow in the dark. You first add our paint powder to the varnish at a ratio of  100 g of varnish to 33 g of glow-in-the-dark paint powder, then mix very well until you reach a homogeneous mixture. In the process of work the paint must be stirred all the time in order to prevent the paint powder from turning into sludge. Why we decided to offer our customers this product?